Your banker is not in the business of lending your store money.

You will walk into your bank, bright eyed and bushy tailed, and say, hi, I would like to open a merchant account. I also want a business credit card. They will say sure, and promptly ask for your social security number.

You will probably respond now wait a minute, it’s for my store, not for me.. the credit card I mean… not personally.

They will smile at your charming innocence, and actually fall off their chairs in hysterics if you ask for a business loan or mention your sudden concerns about corporate veil piercing, a bizarre turn of phrase that could only have been coined by — oh never mind.

Don’t blame your banker though.

That loser is probably working at Publix these days, now that the financial institution you entrusted your needlepoint dreams to has decided to replace him or her with a part-timer with a mail order High School degree, in order to save on Health Care insurance costs.

Ah the humanity of it all, or lack thereof.