King Frog

I’m alsways interested in displaying Needlepoint Land merchandise in new and interesting ways.

Here is a peek at a cutting-edge Web technology that will soon allow retailers to produce more visually attractive catalogs and page layout that are not dependent on images or restricted by the so-called “tyranny of the rectangle” imposed by HTML (which is the markup language used for producing Web pages).

Unfortunately, WordPress does not yet support this technology yet.

As a workaround, Needelpoint Land is previewing a live demo in the CodePen embed you see below.



If you are not using Chrome 37+ (which is the only browser that currently supports CSS3 shapes — CSS is a language that is used to style HTML pages), here is a screen grab of what this demo looks like in a browser environment (in this case, an HTML program running on my desktop) that supports the Crafty Girls font and the required CSS functionality.


CSS3 image shapes demo




King Frog Demo developed by Widgeteria